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День российской информатики — отмечается 4 декабря и итоги конкурса «День информатики»

Музыкальные новогодние иллюстрированные и видео поздравления учеников начальных классов

В России — Дедушка Мороз, а в другой стране — кто?

История  ёлочной игрушки

Конфетный фантик

Новый год в разных странах мира

Статьи от юных лингвистов на английском языке

«Гимнастика для ума» — новогодние ребусы

Акция «Снежный городок»

Творчество юных художников студии «Волшебная кисточка»

Акция «Кормушка»

Акция «Томские крышки»


День российской информатики — отмечается 4 декабря
Цифровые технологии лидируют в перечне сфер науки и техники, которые за последние десятилетия стремительно совершенствуются и видоизменяются. Информатика занимается машинной обработкой данных при помощи электронно-вычислительных устройств. Впервые об информатике заговорил Карл Штейнбух в 1957 году: в основе дисциплины использованы слова «автоматика» и «информация».
Сегодня в каждом доме есть компьютер, что дает принципиально новые возможности для людей, имеющих логические познания и креативное восприятие мира. Люди общаются, обучаются, оплачивают счета, делают покупки, хранят медиафайлы, используя возможности компьютера. Основным средством обработки информации выступает ЭВМ, то есть, компьютер. Совсем недавно слово «компьютер» считалось неформальным и сленговым. Сегодня без ноутбуков, планшетов, смартфонов, смарт-устройств и цифровых облачных сервисов сложно представить жизнь обывателя.
4 декабря 1948 года считается днем рождения информатики в нашей стране. В этот день Государственный комитет Совета министров СССР по внедрению передовой техники в народное хозяйство зарегистрировал за номером 10 475 изобретение И. С. Брука и Б. И. Рамеева — цифровую электронную вычислительную машину. Это первый официально зарегистрированный документ, касающийся развития вычислительной техники в нашей стране. (ИНФОРМАЦИЯ НАЙДЕНА В СЕТИ ИНТЕТНЕТ).
Музыкальные новогодние иллюстрированные и видео поздравления учеников начальных классов
Видео-поздравление 3-в класса

В видео использованы  6 музыкальных произведений и работы обучающихся 1-а,б,в,г,д,е,ж, 2-а,б,в,г,д классов.

Подробнее рассмотреть детские работы  и скачать дипломы можно на странице Конкурсы/»Новогодние фантазии»/Номинация «Компьютерная графика»
В России — Дедушка Мороз, а в другой стране — кто?
История  ёлочной игрушки
Конфетный фантик
Новый год в разных странах мира
Статьи от юных лингвистов на английском языке
Тема: «Человек, которым я восхищаюсь больше всего на свете»

Princess Diana

The person that I admire most is the Princess Diana. She was born on July 1961, Sandringham, Norfolk, England, United Kingdom. Her real name is Diana Frances Spencer. She became known for her kindness and help to ordinary people. Diana taught people how to love. There were several children in their family, and she was the third girl. Their mother left home for a lover when Diana was only 8 years old. In 1977, she went to Switzerland to study. Later she returned to London and got a work. She was the daughter of a column, but by the custom of their family, when children became adult, they started living in a small flat, and earning their own money.

   Her husband was prince Charles, son of Elizabeth the Second. Charles was in love with another woman at the time of their marriage. When Diana moved to the Palace, the prince was cold to her and did not pay attention to his bride. When Diana gave birth to two heirs, their relationships with her husband did not change, he still cheated on her and Diana took a lover. Later the Royal family found out about the betrayal on both sides. Divorce. On August 31, 1997 Diana was killed in a car accident. But she still lives in the heart of every person. As a beautiful, kind, generous and strong woman.  

By Yaroslava Semenova, 7C

My mother.
The person that l admire is my mother. She was born on the 14 February, 1979 in Tomsk,
Russia. Her name is Nadezhda.
My mother studied at the Medical University. She worked at the ambulance service and
then got married. She is very kind to me and my brothers and sisters. Mother has got curly black
hair and a pretty face.
Our family used to run our own store. However, then we got a lot of children and we were
forced to sell the store and built a big, beautiful house. In which we all live as a friendly family
The reason l admire mother is because she stands up to us all and gives us all her love!
By Varvara Vershinina, 7A

Tom Cruise.
Who admires me most is an actor, a screenwriter and a producer Tom Cruise, who was
born on July 3, 1962 in the city of Syracuse.
He is the best actor in Hollywood who does what many people cannot. He does the tricks
himself and without special effects and 3D graphics. The dream of acting came to Cruise in
1978, when he was 16, when he first played on stage in a musical production. Tom has had many
successful roles in films such as ‘The Color of Money,’ ‘Rain Man’, ‘Born on the Fourth of
July’, but ‘Mission Impossible’ is considered the pinnacle of his creative career. And now he
continues to act in films. I recommend watching films with his participation.
By Valentin Voytenko, 7A

Veniamin Tsukaremanov.
My story is about a man who, unfortunately, is no longer alive. This is Veniamin
Tsukareman. This man is a Soviet physicist — Hero of Socialist Labor. This remarkable scientist
was not only a developer of nuclear technology, the founder of Soviet pulsed X-ray technology,
the ancestor of Russian sign technology and the author of many scientific works. He passed on
his experience and knowledge to his students, training around fifty top-ranked scientific
specialists who continued the work of their mentor with dignity. Because of all his work,
Veniamin Tsukaremanov was blind.
Veniamin was born on 6 April, 1913. He was born in the north-east of Belarus in Vitebsk.
During his lifetime he was in charge of a department at a nuclear center. In 1930, Veniamin
Tsukaremanov had serious problems with his eyesight. This was especially pronounced in low
light, and when the young scientist consulted doctors, he was diagnosed with pigment retinitis, a
progressive inherited disease that is still considered incurable. The loss of vision occurred
gradually. The scientist went completely blind when he was 45 years old. The scientist has
written many scientific papers on the processes of explosion and detonation. In particular, he
learned how to type on a typewriter blindly. And I don’t even mention the loss of vision, he kept
inventing and teaching others. Veniamin died in 1993, at the age of 79.
The reason I admire Veniamin Tsukaremanov is because he is very smart and brave.
Veniamin Zuckerman never lost faith in life and continued to live. The life of Veniamin
Tsukaremanov teaches us that anything is possible as long as you really want it and work hard to
achieve it.
By Alexandra Migacheva, 7B

My mother.
The person I admire is my mother. Mom is the closest and dearest person who will always
come to the rescue, caress, pity and give valuable advice.
From my earliest childhood, I wanted to be like my mother. She is beautiful, smart, and
caring. I remember my childhood when I went to the kindergarten. I was always surprised how
my mother managed everything. We also have an older sister in our family. She helped my older
sister do her homework, picked me up from kindergarten, came home from work and cooked a
delicious dinner. Every weekend we cleaned the apartment together and then made dumplings.
We also went for a walk in the Park together. Before going to bed, she would tell me some
stories or we would just talk about how our day went.
By Valeria Butskevich, 7B

«Гимнастика для ума» — новогодние ребусы и кроссворд
Акция «Снежный городок»
Творчество юных художников студии «Волшебная кисточка» (педагог: Солдатенко Ульяна Андреевна)  
Акция «Кормушка»

 В акции приняли активное участие обучающиеся 1-а,б,в,д,е, 2-ав,г, 3-б,в,г, 4-а,г, 5-а,в,г, 6б классов. И очень своевременно — в такой мороз, как этой зимой, птичкам очень нужна помощь!!! А морозы не шуточные- минус 40 и ниже!

Акция «Томские крышки»

В акции приняли активное участие обучающиеся 2а,4б,4г,1ж,1е,1д,1в,1г,1а,3б,1б,4а,10а,2в,3г,3в,3а,4в,9б,5а,2б,4д классов. Все участники отмечены сертификатами и благодарностями!